We export sawmill products, electronics and fresh and frozen foodstuffs to Europe from Finland. From Europe to Finland, we import vegetables and fruit in thermally guaranteed trailers.

Our main transport areas are the Benelux countries, Italy, Spain and Germany. Our fleet consists of 65 FRC classified (as required in the ATP agreement) semi-trailer combination trucks (articulated lorries).

Our operations are lead by our customers’ needs. We use modern GPS technology to monitor vehicles and the goods they are carrying. Our e-services help our customers to manage logistics. We support sustainable development and are continually developing our environment management system. The quality of our work is based on the ISO 9001/14001 standards.

Our customers include the mechanical forest industry, the food industry, central suppliers, food wholesalers, other domestic industries and various retail sectors.

By letting us take care of your logistical requirements you can be sure that goods and products will arrive at the required destinations as agreed: at the right place, at the right time!

Peura-Trans trucks on highway
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